Beach Project Alopigia Anavyssos

Beach Project

Alopigia Anavyssos

my massage goes to Alopigia, Anavyssos

This summer you can enjoy the unique my massage services in the specially designed area that will be located on the beach of Alopigia, Anavyssos!
The already beloved, but also new relaxation and face and body care services meet the luxury and harmony of Alopigia Beach and give you a deep sense of rejuvenation and wellness overlooking the sea!

exclusive services

Our Services

TYCHE | Relaxing Massage

Full body massage for relaxation, wellness and stress relief.

30’ – 25€ | 60’ – 35€

ARES | Deep Tissue Massage

Full body massage for deep muscletension relief.

30’ – 30€ | 60’ – 40€

HERCULES | Sports Massage

Full body massage for muscle tension release.

30’ – 35€ | 60’ – 45€

HELIOS | Aloe After Sun Hydration Massage

Full body massage with aloe vera, containing vitamins a, c, b1, b2, b3, b6, b12, is a perfect treatment which soothes rash and skin irritations.this replenishing treatment will prolong your tan, prevent peeling and saturate your skin.

30’ – 30€ | 60′ – 40€


Full body massage with pure greek olive oil, containing vitamin e and antioxydants.
It offers deep hydration, relieves from pain and inflammation, relieves stress, reduces stretch marks, anti aging, mental and physical relaxation.

30’ – 30€ | 60′ – 45€

MELISSEAS | Honey Massage Therapy

Full body massage with honey butter enriched with flower honey, vitamin a, bee wax, carite butter, jojoba oil.
It offers stimulation of metabolism, elimination of toxins, improvement of lymph function, anti-inflammatory action, deep hydration and freshness.

30’ – 30€ | 60′ – 45€

MUSE | Tropical Pineapple Scrub Massage

Full body tropical massage with pineapple scrub mask and mango butter rich in minerals and antioxidants, vitamins a, e, c, b and wonderful summer scents!
It offers skin peeling, removal of dead cells, glowing moisurized skin, skin reconstruction after exposure to the sun or skin dryness, reconstruction while maintaining skin elasticity and collagen production.

30’ – 30€ (lower or upper body)

ARTEMIS | Coconut Massage

Relaxing full body massage with Coconut oil for deep hydration, rejuvenation and wrinkle elimination.

30′ – 30€ | 60’ – 45€

DIONYSUS | 4 Hands Massage

Specialized techniques and manipulations for complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation and well-being.

30’ – 50€ | 60’ – 70€

AETHER | Candle Massage

Massage with aromatic soy candles. In addition to subtle scents, the essences offer energy, calm, relaxation, harmony and well-being.

30’ – 30€ | 60’ – 40€

HERMES | Anti-stress Back Massage

Massage in the back and neck area for relaxation, wellness and stress relief.

30’ – 30€

ATHENA GREEK CITRUS | Body Scrub Massage

Full body tropical massage with greek citrus scrub mask rich in minerals and antioxidants, vitamins a, e, c, b and wonderful fruity scent for skin rejuvenation
and reconstruction after sun exposure.

30′ – 30€ | 60’ – 40€

AEOLUS | Reflexology

A system of massage that relieves tension & treats illness, based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, hands & head linked to every part of the body.

30’ – 30€

APHRODITE | Bachelorette

Delightful body, head and face massage for total relaxation with your beloved girlfriends

60’ – 60€/ person | 90’ – 75€/ person

HERA | Anti-cellulite Massage

Buttock massage for localised skin rejuvenation.

30’ – 30€


Strong massage on the glutes hips & thighs, with a special wooden tool.
It offers glute lift, tightening, fat loss, topical blood reduction, lymphatic activation, anticellulite action.

30’ – 35€


Massage on the glutes, thighs & belly with matcha green tea butter rich in caffeine, polyphenols and antioxidants.
It offers anti-aging, cellulite reduction, anti-inflammatory, deep hydration, revitalization, skin elasticity, smoothing skin marks.

30’ – 35€

POSEIDON | Lymphatic Massage

Special pressure application for body and skin wellness.

45’ – 35€

ZEUS | Head Massage

Head massage for total relaxation, relief, euphoria and sleep improvement.

30’ – 30€ 

NEMESIS | Fresh Face Massage Lady / Man

Facial massage for radiance, rejuvenation and hydration.

30’ – 30€


Aromatherapy massage with mastic oil or essential oils of your choice.
It offers rejuvenation, mood improvement, wellness, balance of physical energy, reduction of stress & anxiety, relief from pain & headache.

30’ – 30€ | 60′ – 50€


Full body therapeutic massage with a unique combination of treatments.
For her: full body therapeutic massage, “fresh face” facial treatment, with a unique scrub mask enriched with vitamins and fruit acids, hyaluronic serum and ending with deep moisturizing cream with vitamin a, c, e, b2, f, aloe water, coconut oil & hand massage for pain relief. (big towels)
Benefits: relaxation, wellness, stress elimination, deep moisturization, dead cell removal, improvement in the appearance of the skin.
For him: full body therapeutic massage with almond oil, head massage with the use of a silk brush, neck & shoulders massage. (big towels)
it offers pain relief, muscle decongestion, moisturization,, stimulation and nutrition of the hair folicles, anti stress, wellness.

60’ – 60€/person | 90′ – 75€/person